Laundry Room Storage




Introduction: Laundry Room Storage

Thia is my unusual storage solution. It would work for anyone who need extra storage in a small space. My small space happens to be a laundry room. Enjoy!

Step 1: Old CD, DVD or VHS Rack

Do you have an old CD rack you can't manage to part with? Or have you found a trash to treasure on heavy trash pick up day like me? Solution: storage hack!

Step 2: Hang Your Thang!

What ever kind of storange solution it used to be, it must bend to your wishes now.

Find some extra hanging-thing brackets you've saved or buy some new ones, employ the household tool handler and communicate your wishes.

Step 3: Get to Organizing!

Place seasonal items on top, I have our panchos at the top out of reach, as well as my inflatable lounger.

On the bottom I have mop covers and steamer covers, things I use "often", tucked neatly into a shoe box I covered in cute paper. Everything can be as pretty or as plain as you like. You have the power.

Step 4: To Organize Is to Live

This is the special part, you get to decide what FUTURE YOU is going to need in this space to do the things you do here. Future me will need to do laundry and have easy access to some cleaning supplies so I arrange accordingly. Then I contemplate. Then I rearrange according to the thoughtful thinks I just completed.

One of my favorite parts is the trash bin I use for the lint trap collection, etc.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

I always need scissors to cut apart two items of clothing that have decided to meld into one new garment that I disapprove up (keep trying wardrobe). Or simply to trim away loose strings.
You need two zip ties, one to hang on the rack and one to hang off of the first zip tie. Make sure the scissors will fit inside the second zip tie easily enough to slip them in and out. Snip the extra length of the zip ties. I'm proud of this hack. You may have seen it before but I think I'm a genius.

Next we have the cat owner unmentionable holder, just fashion a loose zip tie, tie the handles of a plastic grocery bag around it and voila! A changeable scooper holder, remember to keep the opening of the bag loose enough to slip the scooper easily in and out.

Project status: completed. Good job! Future you will be so thankful you have done this for them. Have fun organizing!

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    4 years ago

    I'm so excited. I've have one of these sitting outside to be thrown out. Every time I try to put it out for the trash, I stop lol.. I just knew it could be used for something. I love your idea.
    Thanks for posting ~