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Introduction: Laura Kampf Notebook Pen Holder

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I was lucky enough to meet Laura Kampf at the airport after the Bay Area Maker Faire in May 2017 and we got chatting about making. I asked her if she'd let me feature her on my twitter project @toolotheday #Tooloftheday as the Maker's tool of the day, she had one of her notebooks with her so she let me photograph it.

For a long time I've been tooling around with the idea of making Laura Kampf's notebook with pen holder. I've recently completed a few other "cargo-cult" like makes of this sort and wanted to make those makes (too many makes?) into a MakerShare project series called Maker Totems. A Totems is something that could be said to embody the spirit of something through a physical "sacred" object, so a Maker Totem is an object I associate with an influential and inspiring maker. My first is Laura Kampf's notebook with pen holders.
Laura makes her notebook with pen holder in this video!

Step 1: Items You Will Need

The items you will need are:

Obviously you can achieve the same effect with any wide 50mm tape and any notebook...and any sticker I guess... if you're the sort of person to throw all rules to the wind.

Step 2: Ready the Gaff Tape

Start buy tearing off a piece of the wide 50mm tape that is about as long or a little less long as your pen or pencil.

Step 3: Prep the Masking Tape

Then get a length of masking tape (or really any narrow tape) of about 12.5mm width, tear off a bit about 3/4 as long as your first length of wide tape.

I didn't have narrow masking tape, so I simply doubled mine over as above.

Step 4: Add the Masking Tape to the Gaff Tape

Put the length of masking tape right and centre of your wider gaff tape, this is to stop you tape sticking to the notebook where the pen holder part will be and to stop the pen sticking to the tape!

Step 5: Line It All Up

Arrange your notebook, tape and pen or pencil as above, roughly position the pen or pencil where you want it to go, if you don't want it to protrude above the top of your notebook you might need to trim the tape or choose a shorter pencil. Basically get your layout and measurements about right before pushing any tape onto the notebook!

Step 6: Stick It On

Carefully place the back edge of the spine of the notebook onto the sticker part of the tape. Be careful to keep it all straight and to not exceed the bottom edge of the book.

Step 7: Bend the Tape Round

Fold the tape over, using your pencil as a guide.

Step 8: Pinch It Off

Pinch the remaining sticky tape below the pencil and masking tape, do it in a way that makes you happy. You could smoosh it to the spine of the notebook, squeeze it together into a fin of do any number of weird things with it… then a quick twist of extra tape to finish it off neatly.

Step 9: Make It Look Right

Carefully peel the Muji sticker off the front cover... and...

...if you are a bit odd like me, keep it in the inside cover of your notebook. Forever.

Put your Laura Kampf logo sticker on the front bottom right of the notebook. You can get the sticker from her shop

Step 10: Enjoy!

I decided to put my notebook in my museum along with some other totems!

Or use the notebook I guess. Just to reassure you, I do use a notebook myself, I use small Moleskine squared notebooks, as I prefer a smaller notebook.
Laura is now doing this notebook just like I've made it here as a reward for her $20 a month Patreons, so if you'd like to support Laura and have the real thing you can do!

Laura's stickers are also available through Patreon

Visit Laura's shop for coo merch.

and of course why not check out her channel if you've never seen it, you're in for a treat.

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