Introduction: Lavender Bath Salts

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Living in the Southwest can be very drying to the skin. I discovered the benefits of bath salts; which heals dry skin and is a remedy for reducing pain associated with arthritis. Bath salts helps to remove toxins from the body and contains magnesium which is best absorbed through the skin. Minerals can be difficult for a lot of people to digest. There are many health benefits such as; circulation, bones, nails, stress, tendinitis,and psoriasis, just to name a few. Salts from the Dead Sea are the best. A good brand of bath salt can be expensive so I decided to make my own. This tutorial will show you how easy it is to make therapeutic bath salts. Lets get started!

Step 1: Ingredients

1 Cup Epsom salt.
1 Cup Baking soda.
1 Cup sea salt.
1 Cup powdered milk.
17 drops of Lavender essential oil.
3 Tablespoons 100% jojoba oil. I did not have this so I used olive oil. Please read bottom note.
1 Capsule or ( vitamin E oil ) I used a needle and punched a hole in it.
1/4 Cup lavender buds.

Jojoba oil and vitamin E oils are the best oils to use for the skin. I read a health article several years ago that Jojoba oil is the closest oil to our own skin. I am out of Jojoba oil so I substituted it with olive oil instead; which is a good alternative. This recipe makes a little over 4 cups of salts.

Step 2: Utensils

1 Large glass mixing bowl.
1 Glass measuring cup.
1 Tablespoon.
1 Large spoon. I used an old wooden spoon because I was not sure about using a metal spoon with this.
1 Large Container with a lid to store the bath salts in; or several small containers.
1 Small scoop or cup that fits in the jar for scooping.

Step 3: Method

Measure all the dry ingredients and put into the bowl except the lavender buds.
Mix thoroughly.

Step 4: Adding the Oils

Measure the Jojoba oil or Olive oil and pour into the bowl.
Mix thoroughly.
Add the Lavender oil.
Mix thoroughly.
Poke a hole in 1 Vitamin E capsule and add the oil to the bowl.
Mix thoroughly.

Step 5: Add the Lavender Buds

Add Lavender buds.
Mix thoroughly.

Step 6: Container

Pour the bath salts into a pretty container.
Add the scoop.
Replace the lid.

Step 7: Sunshiine's Final Thoughts

Now that you know how easy it is to make bath salts, maybe you will make some, so you can enjoy the health benefits from using them. I will be adding a little more oil to my recipe because my skin is so dry. I like making my own products when I can, because I can change the recipe to meet my personal needs. I will be making another Instructable very soon about how to make a salt scrub. Thank you for stopping by and have a relaxing day!