Introduction: Lavender & Earl Gray No-Churn Ice Cream

Lavender ice cream is one of my favourite ones and this recipe is my pride and joy. Problem is...not everyone is brave enough to try it. It's quite a unique and bold flavour choice and to be honest with you, it's exactly like Marmite. You either hate it or love it.

I strongly recommend you channel your inner granny and try this recipe, it's amazing.


600ml heavy whipping cream
400g sweetened condensed milk
purple food dye

3/4 cup of milk
1/4 cup edible dry lavender
2 teabags (preferably Earl Gray, but any strong, black tea will do)

120 g hard lemon biscuits ( or plain biscuits, as long as they are not too soft)

Step 1: Lavender & Tea Infusion

Heat 3/4 cup of milk in a small saucepan (or microwave if you hate washing up), add to that 1/4 cup of dried lavender and 2 teabags. Stir, make sure tea and lavender are fully submerged in milk, cover with cling film and leave to steep overnight.

Strain the mixture through a sieve and put it aside.

Step 2: Ice Cream

Whip the heavy cream until it's firm enough to hold on it's own, colour it with purple food dye, add condensed milk and half the lavender infusion. Stir well. Taste it now to determine if more lavender mixture is necessary. I've found that not all dried lavender is equal and some are more fragrant than others.

Pour the ice cream into a large, shallow container to allow it to freeze faster. Put it in the freezer for ONE hour.

Step 3: Cookies

Remove the ice cream from the freezer and stir it quickly to break any ice crystals. Add small pieces of cookies, distribute well and put the container back in the freezer for 2-3 hours.

Step 4: Enjoy

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