Lavender-Rose Isis Duo- Love Attraction Soothing Magickal Relaxation Anti-Itch Aromatherapy Ritual Bath

Introduction: Lavender-Rose Isis Duo- Love Attraction Soothing Magickal Relaxation Anti-Itch Aromatherapy Ritual Bath

About: I work full time as a C.N.A. in my time at home I enjoy creating graphics online, magickal crafting such as essential oils, bed n' bath sachets, hand poured candles, loose natural incense. Spending time with m…

If you go to my Etsy shop - Sacred Oaks Alchemy to order this product - You will recieve 1 bottle of my enchanted lavender oil & 1 muslin rose of Isis sachet.
My Rose of Isis Sachet sells for $6.00 U.S. dollars and is an uplifting mixture of red rose buds & petals infused with rosewood essential oil, chamomile flowers, dried soft lavender buds, & sweet orange essential oil.
This sachet is perfect for under your pillow while you sleep. Placed in bathwater (in the bag),
placed in a dresser, closet,... Your items will arrive in beautiful organza bags.

Lavender has long been used as a parfume. Lavender is a benevolent herb used in many healing practices. Rub a bit of lavender oil on your temples for a headache. Burn with water in a diffuser by adding a couple of drops to fill the room with aroma of lavender fields. Apply a droplet of lavender oil to your mosquito bites to stop itching and dry up the bite. Lavender oil is also the
perfect addition to any practicing witches' cupboard.

My Enchanted Lavender Oil is crafted by me in my magickal space & blessed under a full moon. Infused with loving intentions, healing energy, lavender pure essential oil, & sweet almond carrier oil. Placed into a small square apothecary bottle adorned with purple thread for wisdom, self assurance, enlightenment & spiritual power. Green organza ribbon for good luck & prosperity. A golden butterfly the powerful symbol of change, transformation, teaching us to free ourselves from self imposed prisons & look at our problems with greatest of clarity. The color Gold attracts positive influences, purity of spirit & eternity. Invokes joy & is the symbol of the Sun and of the God.

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    5 years ago

    Don't get me wrong, it's great that you are following your passion, and I like buying Witchcraft goods. But I am a little unhappy about the lack of an actual instructable here. It doesn't feel right.