Introduction: Lawn Game

A fun and easy game to make! Great for outdoor summer fun!

Step 1: Materials

Collect the following materials:
-5 feet by 4 feet piece of wood

-2" x 4" piece

-Mesh netting


-Copper Tape





Step 2: Cutting Holes and Adding Mesh

Once you have the piece of wood the size that you would like it, you can cut the holes out that you want. In our case, we made five holes. It is up to you where you put them and how big you decide to make them. The size should depend on what size ball you would like the user to play with. Once you determine the size, cut the holes out.
Next you have to add the mesh netting. Cut a square piece of net and fold it around the hole you just cut. You can use glue or a staple gun to make the net stay in place. This will form a nice pocket in the back of the game that will catch the ball when the user gets it in.

Step 3: Adding LED Holes, Painting, and Acrylic Numbers

Once you add the mesh netting, you can paint of the front of the game. The color does matter and it can be whatever you want.

Next should be adding the acrylic numbers. Our group typed the numbers on the computer and laser cut them out. If you don't have access to a laser cutter, you can cut them out with paper by hand or something equivalent. Once you have them cut out, simply glue them on to the holes that you would like them to match up with. Harder holes should have a higher score value.

Finally, add three LED holes above the main catching hole. There are two major points to make when making these wholes. First, they should be drilled with a bit at least one size up from the size of your LED. This will allow the LED to fit in smoothly. Second, you can add however many holes you would like in whatever location you want. Our group added just three LEDs right above the hole.

Step 4: Wiring LEDs

Flip the game over to make the back facing up. All the LEDs need to be wired in parallel in order for all of them to work together. One just had to line copper tape above and below the holes, allowing for the LEDs to be inserted and wired up. This should be done with all the LED sets. Finally, connect each of the sets to each other. After this, the game is all set and ready to play!