Lawn Mower Ramp

Introduction: Lawn Mower Ramp

This project is for people with lawnmowers and need a way to drive it up and down easier. It cost about $350 and it took a couple weeks.




Metal Pieces


Welder Helmet

Circular Saw

Rust-Oleum Paint

Step 1: Weld the Frame

Connect the metal pieces together, weld them and then brush the metal dust off.

Step 2: Sand the Metal Then Use Rust-Oleum

Use the circular saw to sand down the metal, then use rust-oleum spray paint to stop it from rusting.

Step 3: Make Support Frame

Get a new set of metal pieces and measure them to fit the box frame. Line them up with the back of the lawn mower, then with a sharpie make it.

Step 4: Cut to Fit

With the saw, cut the ends of the metal pieces to fit in between the box frame.

Step 5: Weld Together

With the welder, use it to weld the support frame with the box frame.

Step 6: Enjoy

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    9 months ago

    I appreciate your dedication to clamps haha