Introduction: Lawnmover Becomes a Superficial Motorized Hoe

 My New Instructable Covers The Transformation of a Common Grass Mower into Something Similar to a Weed Wacker.
This Project takes a Normally safe Mower and turns it into a Rather Dangerous piece of equipment that in my case, for what I needed turned out fine. This transformed machine can be dangerous both in the actual conversion as well as in the use. So please if you choose to do this "Conversion" please take extra care and precaution as I asume No Liability.
Please feel free to correct or add to my project.

Step 1: Remove the Superfluous Operation

 I performed this conversion so that I could cut the grass growing in patches in my driveway. As you can see in the Picture. I needed the Machine to cut the grass as well as "Stiff Rake" and Till the soil and dirt surface beneath the Grass.
-First I removed the wheels

Step 2: Dressing.

To avoid launching stones and other dangerous projectiles from the spinning blades I warapped the Body with Rubber Skirting. I used Rubber Floor mat, but that proved to be a bit flimsy. I would recommend some thick leather or perhaps car tire rubber.

Step 3:

 .Now we have arrived at the Heart of the Conversion, The Blade. The blade will be turned "Upside Down" so that the tips will be closer to the ground. Now making it capable of actually touching the ground will be just a matter of slightly bending it by pulling the tips of the blade towards you.  After the blade has been "Bent" correctly it should be removed again and sharpened along the New Cutting Side and then remounted.

Step 4: The Ride Height Wheel

To raise the Machine to the correct height for cutting as well as manuvering it, I mounted the former smaller front wheels to the rear wheel location.

Step 5:

Now its time for testing. I tested on the same piece of Patchy Driveway that is in my first picture. For safety I wore a protective suit and helmet. I made sure No other person or animals was in or around my work area.
It took allot of practice to learn to used the machine, but I figured out it was much easier to use the machine by pulling it backwards than pushing it. Also using multiple passes and taking small cuts seemed to be the best approach.
And I must say The Results Were Really Incredible!

Step 6:

And here's a video of a first test (sorry the clothing of the operator, my coworker and son, who wanted to try it without putting appropriate shoes).

Step 7:

As a final evaluation I consider myself to be satisfied, though I think the blade should be improved with the insertion of some weeding Combs for making more efficient the work, I recommend those variations to his cut grass be prudent, always work without other people nearby, check the status de coverage of rubber and replace it just breaks; I found useful wetting the ground before working on it and then wait for dry surface so don't meet puddles of water.
Special thanks to RedMeanie for his substantial aid in the translation of almost all stages of this instructable.
Goodbye to the next instructable. Thanks to the attention!