Lay Ups

Introduction: Lay Ups

Step 1: Step One: Start at the Three Point Line

Step 2: Step Two: Start to Dribble and Run or Jog to the Basket

Step 3: Step Three: Pick Up the Ball and Take Two Steps

Step 4: Step Four: Let the Ball Roll Off of Your Fingers (the Finger Roll)

Step 5: Step Five: Jump and Do the Finder Roll

Step 6: Step Six: If the Ball Goes Into the Net the You Have Successfully Done a Lay Up

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great tips for doing lay-ups!

    Can I add a couple, just for fun? Always jump off the foot opposite your ball hand, and drive the same-side knee upward as the ball hand when you jump. (So, with a right hand shot--the right knee drives up in the jump, and vice-versa for the left side.)

    And generally speaking, lay-ups on the right of hoop should be right handed, and left hand side shots should be left handed.