Introduction: Layer Lamp

Are you into lamps? I made this lamp for a decorative style for any type of environment. To create this source of lighting, you will need a laser cutting machine, wood, and any source of lighting of your choice.

Step 1: Step 1

For this step you will need to have a Laser cutting machine. You will need to make squares that decrease in size to create a pyramid. For the first box I made it 6 x 6 and the thickness inside I put it as .25 inch. I kept subtracting each layer by .25 inches until I reached 20 squares. I did this three times. The thickness of your wood does not matter but the thickness must be the same for the whole lamp.

Step 2: Step 2

For this step you will also need a laser cutting machine. This is for the base of your lamp to hold the lighting system and your pyramid. I cut the base 6 x 6 and the inner circle by 3 inches. The circle in the middle will be a place holder of the light/s that you choose.

Step 3: Step Three

For this step you will need any type of glue. I would recommend any type of wood glue. For the three sets of squares you made, you will stack them as a pyramid. When you have three separate pyramids that are glued, form them into a diamond like structure as you see above. make sure you glue the circle base to the bottom of the pyramid. After stacking them, the n you can glue everything together.

Step 4: Step 4

For the final step, you will need to pick any type of lighting you want for your lamp. For my lamp, I wired four small light bulbs to a battery system and onto a switch. An easier suggestion is to put one light bulb and a power source that you can plug into the wall. For extra height, I put four stands on the bottom of the base to fit my battery case. This is optional but I would recommend it.