Introduction: Layered Glass Art || 3d Glass Painting

Its very attractive decoration piece which has unique look .

Material required;

Glass 3mm (8 pieces),

glass paint,

wooden pieces

Step 1: Size and Painting

Take two wooden pieces of size 2 x 2.5 x 14 inches. Make 8 cuts of about 1 inch for holding glass.Now take 8 pieces of 3 mm glass of size 13 x 10 inches .I used glass paint for painting .Firstly started with tree stem which will be on 2 glass pieces.

Step 2: Step by Step Painting

It will be step by step painting .Place one by one glass piece on wooden stand and paint it.For this you have to watch the video because it is difficult to explain.

Step 3: Coloring the Base

When we completed the painting ,now sprinkle purple color on the glass .Now its time to color the base.I used black metallic spray paint.It looks so beautiful.Now place all the pieces on wooden stand.

Step 4: Final Photographs

Beautiful photographs of my project.