Laz0r Stick



Introduction: Laz0r Stick

Blinky-shooty Lego Alien thumb drive thing. Just because!

Step 1: Things Falling Together

While searching for some thing i know i had stored someplace i would find it, i stumbled upon a bunch of 4 gig usb drives of yore. Not too useful, so i cracked one open, intending to build some steamy punky stick or such a thing or the other. Turned out, the actual stick was pretty tiny.

Just the same size as... wait... a lego guy maybe?

Hell yes, and look what i guy i had at hand! See his big lazory stick? Transparent, isn't it? Will it glow when lighted up by a tiny, tiiiiny led?

Hell yes it will!

But wait, the usb drive had no indicator light. Oh noez! But do not despair, see those two golden pads on the stick? Can they? Will they? Oh you bet they are!

Lets go!

Step 2: It Starts With a *bang*!

The hart part was getting the wire from the guns nozzle through the guy to the stick in is arse legs.Use a very small drill bit and a lot of this "care" stuff everyone fuzzes about nowadays.

Step 3: And Ends With a "ouch"

Cutting the legs, soldering the wire and gluing everything together is the easy part.

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