Introduction: Lazy Lamp

Is this situation ever freak you out that when you are ready to bed, after turning off the light, you cannot see anything. Has it ever happened to you that when you are chilling on your bed, somehow you are too sleepy to get up turn off the switch?

If so, let’s make a lazy lamp which can detective the motion( by a motion sensor) and volume(microphone) of your room. So if you are getting sleepy, and stopping moving or making any sound, the lamp will get dimmer till turn off.

Want to build your own one? Let’s go.
Tools: Wire strippers;Soldering iron;Lathe;Laser cutter;Table saw;Blend saw;(Or 600$ + 3D printing);Materials: Arduino Uno;Motion sensor;Microphone:Breadboard:Acrylic;Breadboard wires;Solder;Dotstar LED stripper

Step 1: Soldering and Connecting Circuit

Step 2: Coding

crucial parts of coding

if(brightness >0){if(sample >= line || motionValue == 1){brightness = brightness + plus;if(brightness>=255){brightness=255;}}
if(sample < line && motionValue == 0){brightness = brightness – fadeAmount;}} fillAll(strip.Color(brightness, brightness, brightness));if(brightness<50){delay(100);}delay(50);}

Step 3: Making the Shape of the Lamp

1.Laser cut acrylic

a.Stripper: the width of the stripper is a little bit wider than the LED stripper, so that you can glue them on later.

b.Circles for the bottom.

2.Build dowels

a.Glue wood sheets together overnight;

b.Use table saw to cut the cuboid;

c.Use lathe to make your own dowels;

d.use blend saw to cut them in pieces;

3. Bend your acrylic.

a.Use tape glue the pieces together and fix it with clamps;

b.Heat the acrylic;

c.Bend it;

d.Cool down;


f. A little bit sanding

4. Glue

Step 4: Assembled Each Part