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Introduction: Lazy Magnet Decoration

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This instructables show how to use magnets and Christmas ribbons decorate in a lazy way.


Magnet, I am using 2 mm thick 10 mm diameter magnet with 5 mm hole.

And some Christmas ribbon.

Step 1: The Pain Point

In previous years, I use tape or blu-tack to fix Christmas ribbons. Ribbons loose easily, may be caused by temperature or moisture changes from time to time. Magnet have an advantage, the attrach force will not change over time.

After the Christmas, remove the ribbon is another pain. Tape or blu-tack left sticky things on the surface. And also remove the tape or blu-tack from the ribbon will hurt the ribbon and reduce the ribbon reusability.

Step 2: Prerequisite

Ceiling have metal parts that can attach magnet.

Step 3: Let the Ribbon One End Wire Pass Through a Magnet

Step 4: Twist the Wire to Fix the Magnet

Step 5: Connect 2 Ribbon Ends and Twist Another Magnet

Step 6: Attach Magnet to the Ceiling Metal Part

Step 7: Post Decoration

After the Christmas, simply pull down the ribbon to detach the magnet from the ceiling. No sticky thing remain at the ceiling. Keep the ribbon with magnet together, all can be reused next year ; )

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