Lazy Man's IPod Case (Free Too)




Introduction: Lazy Man's IPod Case (Free Too)

How to dis- and re-assemble the case your iPod comes in into a free, really strong and pocket sized iPod case with as little work as possible

Step 1: Take the Lid Off the IPod Display Case

Take the display case (the case your iPod came in) and open the lid, there should be a plastic piece with two prongs on it inside that held your iPod, take the plastic piece out and put it to the side. Now with one hand grab the lid and with the other grab the main part of the plastic case. There is a piece of sticky clear tape creating the hinge, peel the plastic off the main part (but not the lid). Now that the two pieces are no longer attached we can go to the next step.

**The reason there is duct tape at the hinge in the picture below is because I peeled the tape off the lid, which you shouldn't do.

Step 2: Re-assembly

Take the plastic piece (that held the iPod with it's two prongs) mentioned in step 1, flip it so the prongs face down and line it up with the lid so it fits well and flip it so the prongs face down. Press the tape against the plastic piece. Now see if it opens and closes well, you might have to try this a couple of times, if it doesn't work you'll have to take of the tape and put duct tapes on both sides of the hinge till it closes and opens to your satisfaction. The prong farthest from the hinge should press up against the lid keeping it shut.

Step 3: Finishing Up

The last part is the hole for the earphone's cord to run through. Snap your iPod back into the prongs gently with the screen facing you (you may need to bend the plastic piece and 'pop' out the middle of it a little). put the lid as closed as you can get it and mark where the earphone's cord gets in the way of the lid shutting. Take your iPod out of the prongs and put it off to the side, get a hobby knife or the like and cut a hole for the cord to run through. Be careful to not scratch up the face of the lid (I did that).
Thats how you make an easy, free and strong iPod case

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    13 years ago on Introduction

    i ust bought a cse for like 2 buck its sweet and works great


    14 years ago on Introduction

    I just made mine without holes or anything, just a place to keep it safe. Took me less than a minute. Great!


    14 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome idea, looks much better than those duct tape ones.. and smart idea using just the original box..