Introduction: Lazy Novel Reader's Meal Time Assistance

The project is to help the lazy reader who read the novel when eating but do not want to make the keyboard dirty.

Step 1: Get What You Needed

You need:

Arduino Leonardo x1

Leonardo USB line x1

The electric line for Arduino x2

Button for Arduino x1

A box x1

Step 2: Get a Arduino Leonardo

This machine can only be controlled by Arduino Leonardo, or else it won't work

Step 3: Plug a Line to D4

Step 4: Plug Another Line to GND

Step 5: Cut a Hole Which Is As a 50 Dollar Coin New Taiwan Dollar Large on the Box

Step 6: Put the Button on the Hole on the Box

Step 7: Plug Two Line on Leonardo to the Button's Plug Hole(s)

Step 8: Use the Pencil to Make Two Hole on the Cap of the Box and the Body of the Box

Step 9: Put the USB Line (the Andriod Part) Into the Box by the Hold Digged by Pencil

Step 10: Plug USB on the PC

Step 11: Put Arduino Into the Box and Plug With USB

Step 12: Cover Box With It's Cap and Done!

Step 13: Code

Step 14: Video