Introduction: Lazy Susan With Old CDs and a HDD Motor

Hello! This is my first Instructable, I hope you like it.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


1 - 3 old CDs (I show 4, but 3 are enough)

2 - An old HDD motor (use a BROKEN HDD you can disassemble!)

3 - Super glue


1 - A permanent marker

2 - A Dremel

3 - A Torx screwdriver

Step 2: Check

The first step is to check if the center hole on the CD fits the "shaft" of the motor.

Step 3: Mark

If the fitting is OK, mark the drilling points. The marks should look like the 2nd image

Step 4: Dremel Time!

OK, time to drill the holes for the screws. It's better to use a drill bit smaller than the screw, so you can enlarge the hole if needed.

Step 5: Fix the CD

With the Torx Screwdriver, use the same screws that came with the motor and fix the CD

Step 6: The Base

Now it's time to make the base. I was lucky enough to find a motor with a bottom plate with the same size as the central part of the CD, so it wasn't too difficult to center it. Also, check if the thickness of the CD is enough to be leveled with the bottom plate of the motor (this is where I miscalculated 4 CDs, instead of 3)

Step 7: Dremel Time Part II

Ready for a lot of drilling? Drill lots of little holes side by side, so you can use the drill bit sideways to cut out the center of the CDs, like the 2nd picture. (And no, I don't have any fancy saw to cut the center, so I had to find a way to do it). You must do this step and the next one with all CDs left

Step 8: Dremel Time Part III

Now sand the enlarged hole until it fits the bottom plate of the motor.

Step 9: Glue

Glue the CDs to make the base. Make sure they're well glued.

Step 10: Assembling the Base

Put a good amount of glue on the base plate of the motor, then put the CDs and hold tight for 5-10 sec

Step 11: Done!

And here is the final piece! Thanks for reading, and I hope you can help me pointing my mistakes, mainly in my poor English.