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Introduction: Lazy Table

The inspiration behind this was my hatred towards my college dorm chairs as they were so uncomfortable, which led me to assembling this table as I usually do my work on the bed. This is my first time actually building something so it may well be rough around the edges but it functions well for the most part xD.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Keep in mind, I constructed this based on my bed size and my height so if you do play to make something similar, you more than likely need to measure a number of things such as width and height of the table. Below are materials and measurements I used to mount it on my bed.


Brad Nailer

Wood glue

Screw Driver

Some sort of maneuverable arm (got mine from a friend that did not want it anymore, was previously used as an extendable arm for his laptop)

x2 long screws

x4 small short screws

x1 Piece of flat wood (50cm x 100cm, 1.5cm thick)

x4 Pieces of wood as table legs (15cm wide, 4-5cm thick, 55cm high)

x1 Piece of wood as support holding together the two sides of the table (15cm wide, 4-5cm thick, 100cm high)

x8 Small scrap pieces of wood to use as support

Step 2: Constructing the Table

1) Measure the top table piece, the proceed to cut away two pieces of equal size from the piece of wood that would be the top portion of the table. I cut away 25cm per cut which left me with 25cm on either side of the table and 50cm for the main table. (using table saw)

2) Then from a large tall piece of wood, I cut out the 4 legs of the table and the support beam that would be attached to the back of the table. (using chop saw)

3) After having the necessary parts, glue and nail the 2 legs to one of the 25cm cut boards and another 2 to the other 25cm cut. (note that for the Brad Nailer, I used long nails here)

4) Once the glue dies, proceed to glue and nail the back portion of the table to help the table maintain its shape and give it extra support.

5) Now, use 4 small pieces of rectangular wood, nail and glue them close to the middle of the table to act as support for the middle portion of the table. make sure the 4 permanent supports are placed in the back and middle of the table as placing them too forward will result in the table having major difficulties operating the movable portion of the table. (note that for the Brad Nailer, I used short nails here)

6) For the front portion of the table, drill a hole large than your 2 long screws through a relatively thick but small piece of wood. Then use a drill gun to drill a hole that fits the screw perfectly towards the front of the table and adjust the tightness of the screw accordingly to enable you to manipulate the angle of the front support so that it can be moved out of the way to allow the table to change shape.

7) Depending on the kind of movable arm you have, use the screw slots that would usually be used to hold something else up and measure it on the middle portion of the table, then proceed to drill holes that are the exact size of the screws provided by your arm manufacturer. Once holes are drilled, attach the arm to the table and screw the screws to the wooden board. Take another two small pieces of wood and nail it to the edge of the middle portion of the table. this helps support laptops and books.

8) From here, manually adjust your arm so that the movable portion of the table is aligned with the other two 25cm cuts of wood on either side of the table and once that is done, the table is mostly done. Just remember to place the movable supports located at the front of the table in a position.

Step 3: Final Product

With that, your very own lazy table is complete. A few things to keep in mind, if your movable arm is a weak one then to compensate use a light top instead of a heavy one but if the opposite is true then by all means use any kind of sturdy wood you want as it helps with stability and durability.

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    6 years ago

    i hope you dont have a good alarm clock


    6 years ago

    Now you just have to find a way to mount your laptop on the underside so you can lay on the bed if you want and still use the desk and the computer!


    Reply 6 years ago

    yeah, well to some degree I can manipulate the table such that I could lay down and comfortably watch a movie. Well, as much as gravity will allow anyway lol.


    6 years ago

    This is a great idea! Nothing worse that sitting in an uncomfortable chair!!