Le Mini Crossbow Thingy

Introduction: Le Mini Crossbow Thingy

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Note: For the purpose of scaring aliens away (50% of them don't know toothpicks are harmless). Do not, under any circumstance, use this weapon of mass destruction for dispatching zombies. Forget what Daryl Dixon does. This puny weapon, unlike its actual cousin, will do nothing against the walking dead. This is only for intimidation

Step 1: What Ye Will Require

-4 standard paperclips
-1 color coated paperclip/ wire (easier to bend)
- 2 pens with those metal clip things
-1 medium sized elastic
-1 Pop can opener
-Needle nosed pliers (unless you want some broken fingernails)
- (optional) Chain

Step 2: Unbend Thy Paperclips

Use thy pliers, or thou shalt risk the health of thine fingers. Perfect, they need not be. Just straight enough for TWO to become the crossbow limbs, which you will need to do first

Step 3: Make the Limbs

Bend it into a half irregular hexagon (sides should be about 1 1/2 inches, depending
on the shape you'd like) and turn back at edges. Make sure to leave enough of a gap for the future elastic/crossbow string. Remember to only use two of thy paperclips

Step 4: Attach the Limbs to the Barrel

The barrel ain't done yet, but before you do anything, you've gotta attach the limbs
-take two straightened paperclips and make sure they're both the same length
-hold the pliers about a cm and a half from the edge
-bend at 90 degrees
-slowly bend another 90 degrees
-the middle of the limbs should go into the gap before pinching the ends together

Step 5: Glue the Limbs in Place

They shouldn't move much. Just a little. Let the glue dry (no duh)

Step 6: Make It Look Nice

Acquire some pen clip thingys. Aye, you need 'em. They can be found on sharpie fine liners and pilot pens. Figure out a way to rip them off without damaging anything **looks at scratch on wall and slightly chipped tooth**

Try to fit the two of them on the barrel of the crossbow (larger pen clip at the front is preferred). Glue them securely

Step 7: Add the 'Flight Groove'

It may not look like anything on a real crossbow, but it still serves a similar function; to keep the bolt in place. There are two steps needed to make this:
-Glue Pop Can opener at the front close to the limbs
-May need additional wire to secure it in place

-Take the untouched colored paperclip and hold pliers at center
- Bend it round the pliers to create a long 'U' shape
- poke through the gap between the barrel and the edge of the pop can opener (as seen in photo)
-Bend the ends 90 degrees till they meet limbs
- wrap excess paperclip around limbs to secure it in place

Step 8: String It!

No explanation needed for this

Step 9: How to Shoot

-Pull elastic back, holding it down with thy fingernail
-load the bolt, making sure it ain't touching the string
-to fire, lift finger to release rubber band
(The ammo is toothpicks, since they're fairly common)

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