Introduction: Lead Light (Not a LED)

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This Instructable is about how to make a lead light that can also be used as an ignition system.

Disclaimer: this is a dangerous project.
1.This is very HOT up to 300 degrees minimum so be careful.
If you get hurt during this project it is not my fault.

Step 1: Materials

Battery (at least half an amp other wise it wont work)
Refills for refillable pencil also known as carbon graphite

Step 2: Put It Together

Step 1: Make sure your switch is turned off.
Step 2: Put the refill lead between the positive and negative wire and secure it inplace.
Step 3: Keep your hands away from the lead and turn the switch on.
Step 4: there should be smoke for a second (don't breath this in!) and then the lead should turn red.

Each refill should last at least 1 min.

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