Introduction: Leaf Friendship Bracelet

With fall in full swing and Halloween right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to make a tutorial of a leaf bracelet! It's super cute and really easy to make (much easier compared to my rainbow arrow friendship bracelet). So here is how to do it!

It took me about 5 mins per leaf, so it took me about 30-45 mins.

This is not my design! I am simply recreating it with a tutorial. I take no credit in creating the design.

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need 5 colors, I chose red, yellow, light green, light blue, and blue. I thought these colors went well together and sort of create a bright fall theme! Also, if you would like to tie-off like I do (this method allows you to take your bracelet on and off as much as you like), you will need a button.

Step 2: Cut Your String

Cut your string about an arms width length. Make sure all of your strings are equal in length. It's okay to cut a little bit off the ends.

Step 3: Fold Strings in Half

Step 4: Tie a Knot

Make sure that your knot isn't too big or too small for your button. Otherwise either you won't be able to clasp it, or it will keep falling off.

Step 5: Arrange Your Strings

It doesn't matter what color goes first, just make sure that your pattern goes 54321 12345.(Each number is a color of string)

Step 6: Forward Knot

I won't be doing a mini-tutorial on forward and backwards knots in every tutorial just to let everyone know. I just figured, hey, it's only my second tutorial, I'll give you all multiple tutorials to find how to make these knots if you don't know how!

Anyway, start with your second string (using 54321 12345) on the left side and make a four shape over your first string. Tuck the string under and through the loop made and pull tight!


Step 7: Backward Knot

To make a backward knot, take your second string on the right and make a backward four shape over your right-hand first string. Tuck the string under and through the loop and pull tight!


Step 8: Finish First Row

Once your two #2 colors are next to each other, take your right-hand string, the one you were just working with, and make a forward knot around the left-hand string. Your first row is finished!

It looks pretty terrible in the picture, it's because I had to keep stopping to take pictures of the progress. Anyone who makes these understands my struggle. haha XD

Step 9: Second Row

Once you have shifted all of your colors so that your #2 strings are now the #1 strings, take the #3 string (you will be skipping a color) on the left-hand side and make forward knots all the way down to the middle.

Do the same on the right-hand side, except with backwards knots, and finally, once your #3 strings are next to each other at the middle, knot those together using forwards knots.

This row also looks horrible, my apologies.

Step 10: Third Row

Okay, so I got lazy and decided not to include all the pictures of me knotting these next colors.

Once everything is shifted once again so that your #3 string is now the #1 string, take your #4 string on the left-hand side and make forward knots down to the middle.

Do the same on the right-hand side, except with backward knots. Once again, when your two #4 strings are next to each other, knot them together with a forward knot.

Step 11: Fourth Row- Finished Leaf #1

Do I have to explain again? Just kidding, I will!

So once all your strings are shifted so your #4 strings are now your #1 strings, take your left-hand #5 string and make forwards knots down to the middle.

Do the same thing, except backwards using backwards knots. Once your two #5 strings come next to each other, knot them together with a forward knot.

You're done with your first leaf!

Step 12: Next Leaf

I didn't want to do everything again, so repeat steps 6-11 until your bracelet is at the desired length. You will notice that the second leaf doesn't look like the first. That's how it's supposed to be. You will have two leaf patterns that you will notice happening within your bracelet.

If you're like me and forget a pattern easily, it's helpful, once you have a few leaves knotted, to just look back at the leaf that you're recreating to see which color you will be knotting next. Trust me I did this plenty of times!

Step 13: Keep Going and Start of Tying Off

Keep on knotting until your bracelet is at an appropriate length for your wrist. Then, make a knot at the end of your bracelet.

Step 14: Tying Off

Pic #1- Cut off all but one string off the tail.

Pic #2- Cut all but one loop from the top, I prefer for the tail and the loop to be the same color.

Pic #3- Thread your button onto the tail snug up against the bracelet.

Pic #4- Make 2-4 knots to secure the button onto the string and cut off excess string.

Step 15: You're Finished!

Congratulations! You have completed a leaf friendship bracelet! Wear it with pride!

I hope this tutorial was helpful in making your creation, I would love to see your recreations of this project, and also of my Rainbow Arrow Friendship Bracelet (go check it out!).

New tutorials are running through my head! A new one will be up soon!