Introduction: Leaf Motif Garden Stepping Stone

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This is an easy way to make customizable stepping stones for the garden. They start out dark, but get more contrasty as they weather and age.


2 plastic containers, a variety of leaves, concrete mix, water, dish soap, mixing spoon, paint

Step 1: Find a Container

Find a container the right size to cast your stone in.

Step 2: Estimate How Much Concrete You Will Need

Pour some dry concrete mix into the container. It should be 1.25” deep so it’s not too brittle.

Step 3: Transfer the Measured Concrete Mix Into a Different Mixing Container.

Step 4: Mold Release

Rinse and soap up the bottom and sides of the casting container.

Step 5: Compose Your Leaf Display

The leaves should be upside down. Big leaves like hostas work well.

Step 6: Mix Concrete

Mix the concrete with water. Alternate adding small amounts of water and stirring so it doesn’t get too runny. Add. Stir. Add. Stir…etc.

Step 7: Cover the Leaves

When the mix is ready carefully place a few cups over the leaves so they don’t move around. Once the leaves are covered, you can dump in the rest of the mix. 

Step 8: Tap Out the Bubbles

Tap the container with a hammer all around the outside to bring the bubbles to the surface. Let It Set Overnight.

Step 9: Unmold

Carefully remove the container from your casting. Put a hand on the set concrete and flip the container over supporting it from the inside. Press the bottom of the container to make the casting pop out.

Step 10: Remove Leaves

Remove leaves and let it dry. A fan helps if you are in a hurry.

Step 11: Paint

Paint it and rub off with a sponge to make the design more visible. The paint collects in the rough and deep areas. The smooth shallow areas will appear lighter.

Step 12: Done

Place in the garden.

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