Leafpile Lamp



Introduction: Leafpile Lamp

As the evenings are drawing in, what better way to brighten them by bringing in the colours of Autumn (Fall if you will). After all who doesn't enjoy kicking through a pile of leaves.

Step 1: Components

1. Large glass jar, this is a demijohn, usually used for brewing wine.

2. Leaf garlands.

3. Topper.

4 Led string light.

5. Clear tape.

6. Scissors.

Step 2: Fitting the Lights

Feed the string light into the jar through the neck.

Fold the wire over the neck and tape into place.

Now is the time to check the lights placement, switch on, and adjust to ensure the lights are evenly spread across the lamp.

Adjustments can be made with a kitchen utensil through the neck of the jar.

Step 3: Creating the Pile

Tape one end of a leaf garland and wrap it around the jar. Use tape to hold in place where necessary.

Take others and add as before, sometimes wrapping the opposite way round to create a naturalistic appearance .

Step 4: Finishing

Adjust the position of the leaves, to ensure an even coverage, holding in place with tape where necessary.

Place your chosen topper through the neck, and arrange to suit.

Put into place, and surround with ornamental pumpkins etc.

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