Introduction: League of Legends Annie Plushie

Another plushie tutorial! This time Annie from the popular online game; League of Legends.


-2 sheets of purple felt

-1 sheet white felt

-2 sheets pink felt

-1 sheet black felt

-1 sheet flesh felt

-Hot glue + gun

-Sewing materials

-Hobbyfill, polyfill, stuffing, etc

-Template (

-Scissors, pen, etc.


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Step 1: Download and Cut Out the Template Provided

This will make the basic shape for Annie's Body and head. There are no patterns for the clothes or face - I sort of just cut things out as I went along but it's really easy to follow :)

Step 2: Making the Head

Trace one circle head piece onto beige felt for the face. Also for the hair, trace the circle onto pink felt. Also cut out a thin strip of beige felt (third photo)

To make the head simply sew together the pink hair piece to the beige strip using a blanket stitch, and then sew the beige face piece to the beige strip

Leave a gap so you can flip the head the right way around and stuff lightly - then sew it shut using a ladder stitch.

Step 3: Making the Dress (Top Half)

Cut the body pattern in half (From the underarms) And cut off a chunk on each end for the hands

The top body half, trace onto purple felt twice and cut out the pieces (See photo 1)

Then cut out a collar using white felt (Photo 2) which will be sewn onto the front dress piece

Lastly use the pattern to cut four beige hand pieces. Blanket stitch these to the sleeves on the purple body pieces.

Step 4: Making the Bottom

Trip the body pattern even more by cutting off the bottom of the feet.

Use the bottom of the body pattern to cut two pieces from white felt for the pants.

And cut four pieces from beige felt for the feet

Step 5: Sewing the Two Body Pieces Together

The next step for the Annie plush is to sew the top and bottom body pieces together!

Make sure all your stitching is on the bad side - and the best stitch to use is a blanket stitch (Looks the best when you flip it the right way!)

Also sew on the white collar to the front of the body using white thread.

Step 6: Sewing the Body Sides

Then pin the body pieces together (Bad sides out!)

And sew around every side except the bottom line where the feet will go. And also leave a gap under the arm so you can flip her good side out later! (Image 3)

Use the corresponding felt colour depending where you sew (purple for the top of the body, white for the pants, etc.)

Step 7: Sewing the Feet

Next, pin the feet to the white side and blanket stitch along the edge (Make sure you're sewing on the bad side). Then sew around the feet

Step 8: Flippin'!

Then pull her through the gap you left under her arm! So it's the right way out. Stuff the plushie and then use a ladder stitch to close up the gap :)

Step 9: Making the Skirt

So for the skirt I drew the little pattern above. It was pretty rough so I made lots of alterations while I cut it out. You just need to have a play with this and see how you can do it.

So either make your own pattern or cut directly from blank purple felt. I came up with what you see in picture 2 + 3. Blanket stitch around this using purple felt.

Step 10: Leg Warmers!!!

Before I attached the skirt I made her leg warmers first. (Thought it might be easier with less skirt in the way)

Pretty much got a random strip of pink felt and sewed a thinner white strip in the middle. Then I sewed it around the bottom of her leg. And that's it for that :)

Step 11: Continue - Making the Skirt

I got a bit lazy at this point. So I hot glued the skirt around Annie's body.

You can use a blanket stitch to sew the skirt around if you'd like. But the hot glue seemed to work fine for me. Just do it in sections and go slowly so it stays even.

Step 12: Making the Head

I didn't document this very well. Probably would have been a good idea to record making the hair, however I basically was just making heaps and heaps of little snips into large chunks of hair. It would have saved me some felt if I drew a pattern and then started hacking away. Really wasn't that hard though. Just did the hair in chunks, I saved some felt by using the pink circle for her hair as I made hair to fit around the circle.

To cover up the beige rim on her head I could out a strip from purple felt to act as a headband. Then I got thick strips of purple felt to make the ears. These were really easy - I got the strip and hot glued the tips into a tea-drop shape. Then I traced the tear shape onto purple felt and cut out four solid tear shapes. I then hot glued those to the purple strip to make the rest of the headband.

And lastly I cut out black eyes and a black mouth from felt and hot glued those on. (Bit lazy there!)

Step 13: Finished!

Hope you enjoyed :)