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Introduction: Leaking Bio Hazard Halloween Decor

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These cute Halloween decorations are not only super easy and a great project for the kids, but it can also be a way to reuse stuff found around the house. I was fortunate that I had a large unused barrel. They can be hard to come by, so I also made some mini leaking barrels out of some old empty paint cans I found in the garage.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

-A barrel. You can use a ton of different items. I'm using a large barrel and empty paint cans. But you can use buckets, cans, jars, old Tupperware containers; basically anything that has a similar shape and you don't mind it getting painting.

-Leaking ooze. I'm using some old caulk I found. Expanding insulation foam works great too, or even just painting it on if you don't have anything ooze like.

-Caulk gun if you're using caulk.

-Marking tool like a pencil or marker


-Paint. Black and yellow for my barrels and neon green and glow in dark paint for my ooze.

-Large and small paint brushes. (Don't have small paint brushes laying around, try using a small piece of kitchen sponge. It works wonderfully).

Step 2: Prep Your Barrels

My large barrel didn't need much prep. I just had to wipe off several layers of spider webs.

For my paint cans I just ripped off the label, removed the lids and used my pliers to twist off the handle.

Step 3: Paint

For my large barrel I started by spraying a large yellow circle. *It doesn't have to be perfect because your black paint will cover any runs and rough edges. After the yellow was dry I grabbed my black paint and painted the entire barrel leaving just my yellow circle in the front. I also painted the black sections of my hazard symbol and the lids to the barrel and paint cans.

For my paint cans I was lucky and they were already black so I just had to draw my symbol and paint it yellow.

*there are several toxic/hazardous symbols you can use, I just did a quick google search and picked the symbol I thought looked the easiest to draw.

Step 4: The Ooze

For my leaking ooze I used some old caulk I had laying around. For the large barrel I laid it on its side and using the caulk gun put the caulk along part of the top rim and down the side a bit.

For my paint cans I just squeezed the caulk along the top edge and let it slide down the side naturally as it dried.

While the caulk was still tacky I placed the lids on letting them sit on top of my new ooze.

Step 5: A Bit More Paint

After my ooze was good and dry I painted it with my neon green paint. I then added a layer of glow in the dark paint to the ooze and hazard symbol so they will stand out even as the sun is going down. Let it dry and your done! You can use your new bio hazard barrels in the house, line your walkway, on the stairs, or just added to your other yard decorations.

Happy Crafting, and Happy Halloween everyone!

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    6 years ago

    that's a radiation not a biohazard symbol