Introduction: How to Cast a Bait Casting (Baitcaster) Fishing Reel

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Bait casting fishing reels are among the most popular fishing reels there are for anglers. Spinning reels and spincasting reels will work for some but many techniques and tactics used for catching fish require the use of a "baicaster" or bait casting fishing reel (also commonly referred to as an "open face reel"). These reels are especially popular for catfishing and open faced bait casting reels are known by many to be the best catfish reels there are. They are also essential if you plan on fishing for big catfish.

Many anglers over complicate the use of these reels and get frustrated because of the dreaded "backlash" that can occur when the reel is not setup properly and you don't know how to cast starting out.

There are some very simple steps to follow that can have you casting like a pro angler in no time and you will never fear the "backlash" or "backlashing" again. Setting the spool tension is one of the first steps that needs to be taken when you start learning to cast but you also need to know how to set the drag on your fishing reel. Setting the drag does not effect casting but will certainly effect the ability to land a big fish.

In this video, we walk you step by step through some very simple steps to take when learning how to cast to have you casting like a pro, without any backlashes in no time at all.