Introduction: Learn How to Draw a Candle - Step by Step

This candle takes 10 minutes to draw if you follow my steps carefully.


Step 1: Draw the Uncouth Sketch

Pretend it's like a cylinder. Remember to draw with a soft hand.

Step 2: The Candle Wick and the Flame

The candle wick is like a drop. Spin the paper 180 degree - it's easier

Step 3: Triangle at the Side

Use a darker pencil - maybe 6b. Like a triangle

Step 4: Shadow - Step 1

Start with the flame and the area around the candle wick. Use 6b

Step 5: Shadow - Step 2

Put shadow on the side of the candle here it's important to makes it look round. Use 6b, medium-charcoal and h.

Step 6: The Last Step - the Candles Own Shadow

Make the shadow out of the candle. Use a light pencil this time and add a darker pencil at the ende of the candle.