Learn How to Hack Trivia Crack and Get Cheats

Introduction: Learn How to Hack Trivia Crack and Get Cheats

If you are a raving fan of the game Trivia Crack and want to find a way to help beat your opponents and friends easily this guide is for you. I will show you a simple way you can hack Trivia Crack and access Trivia Crack cheats to give you unlimited coins and spins!

Step 1: First Thing You Need to Do Is Download the App

You will need to head over to the play store or over to the app store to download Trivia Crack. The other cool feature about this game is its also a Facebook game and these cheats will work well with either. If you need help in finding the download button check the link below it will guide you to it!


Step 2: Open Up the Game Then Head Over to the Cheats Generator

Next you will want to open up the downloaded game and fill out all of the information for your account. Then simply check out triviacrackhack.org and easily submit that information. In the image we have provided you can see all you need to do is type in the amount of coins and the amount of spins you would like. After you hit submit you can close out of that and go back to your Trivia Crack game.

Step 3: Now You Will Want to Restart the App

Now the next step is whether the game is on Facebook or your phone you will want to close down and restart the app so that your cheats will be applied. The image above will show our account before the cheats were applied and now we will restart so the cheats will be there.

Step 4: Log Back in and You Will See What You Applied!

Now once you log back into Trivia Crack you will see the amount of coins and the amount of spins you applied on to your account! We told you this was very awesome and very easy to use! You will see in the image that we applied infinite amounts so that you will never run out!

Step 5: Go Be the Best! Enjoy Winning and We Hope You Loved This Guide!

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