Introduction: Learn the Basic Micheal Jackson Foot-works

When I first start dancing, I didn't have much money to go to a dance school, so i decided to learn from the king of pop himself by watching his music videos. I started slowing down Micheal Jackson's videos and breaking down each move in to steps and practicing them over and over again so that my body's muscle gets used to the movement. The first move I learned was the moon walk. once I mastered that it was easy for me to learn all the other moves. Micheal Jackson's Foot-works serve as bases for other hip hop footwork moves and they will help you when free styling. My instructions for each step are very simple to learn and you will look awesome when you execute them properly.

Step 1: Materials


  • Shoes that are smooth on the bottom. (This helps to reduce the friction when you are sliding.)
  • If shoes are not available socks will also work
  • Slippery surfaces are ideal.
  • Playing music while practicing the steps will improve performance. 

Step 2: Moonwalk

Practice will make perfect. Therefore; don't give up if you don't get it the first time. It takes time to master the moonwalk. Practice slowly to execute the steps properly and once your body muscles memorize the steps try going faster. When you are doing the moonwalk make sure you are not sliding with your toes because that's the opposite of moonwalk. 

Step 3: Tip Toe Air Glide

If you have ankle problems please talk to your physician before trying this move. Because, you better check your self before you break your self. This move requires to be able to put all your weight on one of your toes. I do not want you to injure yourself when performing the tip toe air glide.

Step 4: The Micheal Jackson Shuffle

Here is an example of me shuffling. 

Step 5: The Heel Groove

Repeat each step at least twenty times and once you memorize the steps try kicking out with both heels out.

*Remember practice makes perfect so don't give up.

Once you learn this move, have fun with it, play with it and add your own move to it.

Finally, after learning all four Micheal Jackson foot-works mix them up to create your own freestyle and most of all have fun.

Example of how you can mix up The Micheal Jackson foot work to create your own freestyle.