Introduction: Learn to Code

Have you ever wanted to learn to code? Well surprisingly it's quite simple and I will show you how! But first you need to pick a language, some I would recommend would be python, javascript or HTML because they are really easy to learn and the are used in many job fields, once you have picked a language move on to step 2.

Step 1: Learn, Learn, Learn!!!!!

Now that you have picked a language it's time to learn. The best website I would recommend would be codecademy because it gives very in depth lessons, it provides encouragement along the way and all the languages I mentioned before can be taught and learned on this site and even more are being added all the time!

Step 2: Practice Practice Practice!!!

Now that you have picked a language and learnt it it's time to practice. For practice I would recommend the website because you can code in many many many many languages! And if you get seriously get into coding I would recommend aptana studio,while it doesn't have as many languages as it is build for more serious programmers by showing mistakes, for web languages it has a in program browser emulator and many other things plus it's offline! Also both of these are free although if you want to save your work on you will need to make and account.

Step 3: Teach Others!

Sadly coding is viewed as nerdy and in some setting it is considers un-cool but we need more coders in the world because if we have more coders then we would have so much more cool things in this world and way more advancements in mobile devices, medical and many others fields (sorry, i'm rambling) so go and teach your new found knowledge with others so we can have more coders in the world and in turn way cooler stuff! so go teach!