Introduction: Learn to Control Electronics From Your Wrist

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I wanted to control the electronics devices (AC/DC ON/OFF) in my room remotely. However, I did not have any knowledge about electronics at the time; therefore, I made a system level engineering approach to this project. Please go to the following link to understand why I think that a basic concept of a switch can enable you to do projects as complex like this easily. "A Maker’s Most Fundamental Tool : The Switch"

In a nutshell, this project is designed and built in a way to remotely control all AC/DC appliances in the room via a wrist watch. By control, I mean simply turn ON/OFF.

I still use this solution as its fast and gets the job done remotely.

Note: You would need to know how to solder components on a PCB.

Step 1: Bill of Materials

Buy the following components.

1. QTY:(1) 12 Channel IR Remote Relay Board Kit

2. QTY:(2) Casio Remote Control Wrist Watch CMD40B-1T

Reason for buying "12 Channel IR Remote Relay Board Kit":

One uses a switch to turn ON/OFF any electronic device. A switch is basically a tool that stops the flow of electrons in a wire in either direction. Usually for ON/OFF purposes, switches are installed in series in an electronic circuit. If you want to turn ON/OFF and electronic device electronically rather than manually then you use relays. The "12 Channel IR Remote Relay Board" has well 12 relays (channels) on it, which means you can turn ON/OFF 12 electronic devices. The remote control that comes with the kit allows one to wirelessly turn ON/OFF the 12 relays on the board. So if the relays are used as switches for electronic devices then you can turn them ON/OFF wirelessly using the remote control.

Reason for buying "Casio Remote Control Wrist Watch CMD40B-1T"

The special thing about this Casio Remote Control watch is that you can program/record any IR signals on it and then transmit the recorded signals. Usually this feature is called "universal programming".

The idea:

The idea is to record the IR signals of the remote that came with the "12 Channel IR Remote Relay Board Kit" on the writs watch and then use the wrist watch to transmit the recorded signals to control the relays on the "12 Channel IR Remote Relay Board".

Step 2: Assemble the Kit

You need a soldering Iron and solder to assemble the "12 Channel IR Remote Relay Board Kit" kit together.

Step 3: Programming

Program the remote IR signals of the 12 channel IR remote relay board kit on the Casio Wrist Watch. Read the manual of Casio Watch to learn how to program the IR signals coming out of an remote control on the watch. Also, dont worry, no coding knowledge needed.

Step 4: Connections

Connect the relays on the "12 Channel IR Remote Relay Board Kit" in a way that they act as switches in series for the devices you want to power ON/OFF.

Step 5: Power Up

PowerUp the system and enjoy controlling the electronic devices from your wrist watch by pressing the buttons on the wrist watch where you programmed the IR signals of the remote control that came with the "12 Channel IR Remote Relay Board Kit"

Step 6: Watch the Video

Please visit the following link to watch the video.

Wrist Watch Room Automation

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