Introduction: Learn to Crochet a Mobius Scarf

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Hello everyone! I'm here with another ible, my second ible in 1 week! Anyways, when I saw the knitting and crochet contest, I just had to participate but wasn't sure what to craft. I don't crochet regularly and don't knit at all but I find crocheting very therapeutic so I thought, why not give it a try. Made this mobius scarf without any basic idea about it. I wasn't going to post this but then I changed my mind.

Along with the step-by-step guide, I'll also share the mistakes I made and share a few tips I learned throughout this crochet project.

This was my first attempt at making a crochet mobius scarf, which is why it didn't turn out very neat but overall, it turned out quite nice and comfy. So let's get started!

Step 1: Things You'll Need to Crochet a Mobius Scarf

To make a crocheted Mobius scarf (or shawl or cowl) you will need the following supplies


  • Yarn - Medium or Bulky


  • Crochet Hook - 4 or 5
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry Needle -the hole should be big enough to thread the yarn you're using

Crochet Stitches used in this project

  • Slip Knot
  • Chain Stitch - Ch
  • Slip Stitch - Sl St
  • Double Crochet - Dc

Step 2: Working the Base Chain

Start with a slip knot and start working chains.

The number of chains would depend on the required size of the scarf. I didn't keep count, kept working chains until the chain reached the required length (I wrapped the chain around myself, from shoulder to shoulder, to check).

The length of chains would also depend on the thickness of the yarn and the size of the chains, so you really don't need to worry about it as long as you're chains are neat and even.

After working a good number of chains, wrap the chain around yourself (or the person you're making the scarf for, or you can simply use an adjustable tailor mannequin). Basically, you need to measure the shoulder size. I used my mannequin doll as well as tried it on myself to double-check the chain length.

Work a few more extra stitches after reaching the required length. I worked 5 extra chains.

Step 3: The Base Loop or Circle

Now, we will close the chain and create a loop or circle.

Simply join the last and first chain with a slip stitch.

You can check the circle size again by placing it around your shoulder to check again. The size of this circle will be the final size of the scarf.

Step 4: Working the First Layer

After working the slip stitch, work 2 chains. This is the first DC of the first layer.

Now, work another Dc into the next chain of the base circle.

Continue to work 1 Dc into every chain of the base circle until working all around it and coming back to the first Dc.

Step 5: The Base Twist!

This is the Main and Most Important step of a crochet Mobius scarf.

After crocheting all around the base circle and reaching the first Dc, do not join the last and first Dc.

Hold the top end of the left side of the crocheted piece and simply flip it to the opposite side.

Now, the top end of the right side is aligned with the bottom end of the left side.

This twist is what forms the twist of a Mobius scarf. So make sure to follow this step if you want to make a crocheted mobius scarf.

Now, work 1 Dc into each chain stitch to work the second layer around the base circle.

Step 6: Completing the Second Layer

Continue working 1 Dc into each chain stitch until you reach the initial Dc of the second layer.

When you reach the initial Dc of the second layer, simply work a slip stitch through the top chain of the initial Dc of the second layer to complete the layer.

Step 7: Working on the 3rd Layer

Chain 2 and then continue with the 1 Dc into each chain of the previous layer. You can keep using the same yarn or you can change it if you want to.

Adding new yarn to the crochet piece: I usually cut off the current yarn after doing the slip knot and then tie the new yarn with the open end of the previous yarn and then start working with the new one. Keep the knot nice and small. Don't worry about the open ends of the yarns, you can always stitch them with the crochet pattern once the final craft is done.

From the third layer, there's one thing you might need to know (because I was super confused!). To complete each layer after the second layer, you will need to work 2 rounds to reach the initial Dc of that particular round. So, don't get confused after working 1 round. Work round 2 to reach the initial Dc.

After completing each layer, work a slip stitch with the initial Dc and then chain 2 to start the next layer.

Step 8: Working on the 4th Layer

I didn't have enough yarn of any particular color so I went ahead I added as many colors as I could.

Working on the 4th layer is just as same as the 3rd layer. Work 2 rounds to reach the initial Dc and then work a slip stitch, then chain 2 to start the next layer (5th layer).

Step 9: Increasing the Width of the Scarf

Keep working 1 Dc into each chain stitch of the previous layer.

This will take time if you're not handy with crocheting but it can also be a great way to practice crocheting and improve your crocheting skills.

Step 10: Finishing the Scarf

After working a good number of layers, check if the width of the mobius scarf has reached its required width or if you're satisfied with the width.

Make sure to complete the last layer by joining the last Dc with the initial Dc of that particular layer with a slip knot. Keep a few inches extra and then cut off yarn from the bundle. Use a tapestry needle to stitch the remaining yarn with the crochet pattern, on the backside of the scarf. And done!


  • Measure the base circle before closing it because the base circle is the size of the scarf.
  • If you're planning to use different colored yarns, make sure to use the same type of yarn, otherwise, the layers will be uneven.
  • Don't forget the Twist step.
  • I would suggest adding different colored yarn when completing a layer, not in between
  • For a quicker craft, use chunky yarn.

Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment box below, would love to know more about it as this was my first attempt at making a crochet mobius scarf. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and let me know what you think about the final piece.

Thank you1!

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