Introduction: Learn to Crochet

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Video instructions

I have compiled here some very easy instructions on how to crochet. I am going at this as if you have never done anything with crochet before (Which took some time as I have been doing this for a few years now so apologese in advance if I skipped explaining something). If I miss anything that you want to know just comment it and I will add it to this Ible. Thanks and Enjoy!

Video to be added ASAP as well! <3

Step 1: Things You Will Need

Start with a light skein of 4 ply yarn. If you are using yarn that doesn't tell you what ply it is, just take the end and twist it the opposite way and however many strands there are, that is what ply it is; so 4 ply will have 4 strands.

You want to use a light colored yarn to start with as it will be easier to see your stitches. When getting your starting bit of yarn (if using a skein instead of a ball), you want to get the end that is inside the skein that way it stays still while you are crochetting. If you use the loose end on the outside of the skein it will contantly be rolling around and making your life difficult. Another option (what I would suggest if you are using a ball too) is to put it inside of a jar so that it is limited in its moving around.

You will also ned some crochet hooks. I would suggest buying a pack that has all sorts of sizes, but to start you will want something mid sized, like an F, G, or H. F is also known as a 5 or 3.75 mm. G is known as a 6 or 4 mm. There is also a 7 (no letter for that one) that is also a 4.5 mm. Then there is the H or 8 which is 5 mm. Any of these will work for learning. When you start doing actual patterns they may require a specific size hook. If they do not specify they will have a gauge. For that you will crochet the sample pattern they give and they will also give inches that it needs to be when done. Crochet that pattern and make it that size and thats the hook you want. Lots of trial and error for that method but its a legit thing some people do. (I have never done anything in a gauge myself as I don't like going through all that work just to find out it didn't work. Thats usually when I start making my own patterns).

Step 2: Slip Knot

To start crochetting you need to do a slip knot. To do this, take the yarn in your left hand making sure that the end is facing down. Pinch it between your thumb, forefinger, and middle. With your right hand, wrap it around your forefinger and middle finger gripping it there with your thumb. This yarn should lay across your fingerd above the starting bit. Now take your needle and put it between your first and second fingers. with the hook part down, grab the further bit of yarn and pull it through the closer one. Pull your fingers out and tightern the knot onto your hook. This is how you will start most crochet projects.

Step 3: Chains

To start your first row of your project, You will need to make a string of chains (usually abbreviated "ch"). You want to hold your hook in your right hand with your forefinger holding your knot still; part way down the hook, wherever it is comfortable in your hand. with your middle finger and thumb you want to hold steady the tail of the knot. With your left hand you want to hold the yarn that connects to the skein/ball. Now you want to wrap that strand from back to front around the hook. Hold that with our middle, ring and pinky fingers. With your thumb and forefinger you want to grab the tail from your right hand. Let go of the knot with your right hand and using your left slide the yarn up towards the hook. The loop should catch in the hook and the knot should go over it, creating your first chain. You may need to slightly turn the hook in order to do this.

Now you want to repeat that over and over till you have a satisfying length of chain. You will go from holding the tail of the knot to holding the chains that you have finished. Try to make them all the same tightness, not too tight, but also not too loose. You also do not want to twist the chain too much as that will cause it to look bad later. Once you have a good length of chain you can move on to the next step.

Step 4: Single Crochet

The next step in crochetting is the single crochet (abbreviated "sc"). Hold your hook and yarn the same way you have been, but hold the chains in your left hand. Insert the hook into the top loop of the second chain; the first chain will undo things so make sure its the second. Loop the yarn over the hook (Also referred to as Yarn Over or "YO") with your three fingers that are holding the yarn. Pull that strand through the chain. You should now have two loops on the hook. Loop the yarn over the hook again. Now you should have three loops. Make sure that the first two are the same size and then pull the third one through them. Now repeat until you get to the end of the chain (Also known as Repeat Across).

Once you get to the end you will want to do another Chain Stitch. So Yarn Overand pull it through the loop on your hook. Now turn your stitches (also known as sts) around so they are back in your left hand. You now have the option to insert the hook in both top stitches, or you could put it in the front stitch (the one facing you) or the back stitch (the one away from you). Easiest of course is to put it in both. Some projects require one way over the other and will specify this with Back Loop or Front Loop. If it doesn't specify it means to put it in both. Stitches are also commonly abbreviated with "st". Then continue on down that side like you did before. Now you have three rows done!

Step 5: Double Crochet

Once you feel you have mastered that stitch you can move on to the Double Crochet (Also known as "dc"). For this stitch, after you get to the end of a row and do the 1 ch, do a second one as well. This gives you the room to make the Double Crochet. Turn like you would normally, and then loop the yarn over the hook. Now insert it into the next sc, YO, and pull it through the st, all like you normally would. You should now have three loops on the hook. YO and now you want to pull that one through only the first two loops on the hook. YO again and pull it through the remaining two loops. Keep doing that until you get to the end and then ch 2 before you go back down the other side.

Step 6: Half Double and Treble Crochet

Another crochet stitch is the Half Double Crochet (Hdc). For that, you do the same as you would for a double crochet. So YO, insert into the st, YO, pull through, then you want to YO one more time and pull that through all three loops on the hook. For this one you still want to do 2 ch before the row so that you are high enough to do it right.

For a Triple/Treble Crochet (depending on your language and abbreviated as TR) you want to YO, insert into a st, YO and pull through, YO and pull through one loop, then YO again, pull through two loops, then YO one more time and pull it through the last two loops. For the TR you want to CH 3 before that row as it is a taller st.

Those are the basic stitches for crocheting. If there are specific sts that you want to know that I did not list here, let me know and I will add them to this Ible.