Introduction: Learning Cornrows- Stage 2: Basic Scalp Braid

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Welcome to stage 2 of learning cornrows! In this video Doc will teach you how to put your finger patterning to good use with a basic scalp braid!

For this tutorial you will need:

This stage is to be used after completing the stage 1 instructable.

Step 1: Section

Keep in mind what you have learned from Part 1. You will need to use the patterning you learned from that video. Section a channel of hair using rubber bands to keep neighboring hairs out of the way.2. Use a small amount of Ice Spiker mixed with water to aid in control.3. Comb the hair straight back in its channel.4. Use your pinch fingers on one hand to pick up the first section, your grab fingers to pick up the next section, and rest the third section behind.5. Repeat for 3-4 turns - this creates a stable beginning.6. Pick up a small section of hair from the channel and add it to the pinch section.7. Continue picking up hair as you repeat the pinch/grab motion down the braid channel.8. When there is no more hair to pick up on the scalp, continue on until you have reached the ends of the hair. Band the ends.