Introduction: Learning Cornrows- Stage 3: Adding Braiding Hair

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You've made it to stage 3 with cornrows! In this video Doc will show you how to add braiding hair to your cornrow style.

For this tutorial you will need:

Ready? Steady! Go!

Step 1: Section

*Note: Be sure to review video steps 1 & 2 or this may be more difficult.

1. Part the hair into a track using rubber bands to keep the neighboring sections away.

2. Pick up a small section from the front of the row and position the braiding hair behind.

Step 2: Position

Grab one section of the braiding hair with pinch fingers, the natural hair with the grab fingers, and rest the other leg of the braiding hair.

Step 3: Pinch and Grab

Perform the pinch, grab, rest method for 3-4 turns or until the braiding hair feels stable - you should see a very tiny braid beginning. Pick up a small section of hair from the channel and add it to the pinch section. Continue picking up hair with the pinch motion as you repeat the pinch/grab motion down the braid channel.

Step 4: Finish

When you run out of hair to pick up from the scalp, just continue with the motion until you reach the ends of the hair. Band the ends.