Learning Russian Language Online

Introduction: Learning Russian Language Online

This is for the purpose of learning basic Russian without having a live teacher at hand. The project is one that has worked for me in learning Russian for six years without a single course.

You will find a Word document attached that has the Russian Alphabet also. Sounds will be uploaded later.

Step 1: The Russian Alphabet

The Russian alphabet seems to scare people off up front. After you over come this hurdle you will find Russian to be phonetic and a friendly, beautiful language. Below I will give the Alphabet with the equal showing the same sound in roman fonts.
А = ah, as in fAther; Б = beh, as in Big; В = veh, as in Victor
Г = geh, as in God; Д = deh, as in Daddy; Е = yeh, as in Yellow

There you have the first six letters.

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    6 years ago

    Thank you comrade. my great grandmother on my fathers side was an immigrant from the motherlands great capital,Moscow. sadly she is long gone and i never was taught any real good russian,only some russain curse words and that about it. i love the soviets and russians and i have always wanted to learn proficent russain. thanks for the basic words.


    14 years ago on Introduction

    I'm not sure why this Instructable was 'related' to the one on body building that I was just visiting, but here we are. I downloaded the alphabet lesson .doc and all I can see is boxes. Is there a special font you need to view the document? Also after reading all the way through step 1, I'm not sure that I am any closer to learning Russian than I was before. How do you learn Russian? From my experience visiting Russia, learning a language with a different alphabet requires a lot of patience. I found myself sounding out the same simple words over and over again because I could not sight-read the letter sounds. One that came easiest was PECTOPAH because it has the most familiar letters, and because it is pronounced 'restauran' which is their word for restaurant. Thus my motivation to learn that word was much stronger than for other words. I also found that my knowledge of Spanish seemed to be of value. For example the Russian word for library is spelled and (accents aside) pronounced almost the same as in Spanish, biblioteca. One other observation was that the men speak Russian different from the way the women speak. The men speak as you hear it on television. The women have a sing-song approach that sounds very musical. My oldest daughter was just learning our alphabet at the same time I was learning the Russian one. That experience helped me have the patience to help her with the frustrations of learning to make letter sounds. If you have no other motivation to pick up another alphabet, this is a good one. Very humbling.


    13 years ago on Introduction

    How did you get the letters to be viewed on instructables? The site doesn't usually like foreign characters. My friend and his sister are learning Russian over the summer, and so shall I.