Introduction: Learning Tower

We renovated our kitchen in January, we now have a higher kitchen counter.

My son desperately wants to help cooking and making sandwiches. But all of the learning towers are to low for our counter. Therefore I designed this learning tower in Fusion 360 and CNC Milled the parts.

The tower has 3 steps you can switch if your kid grows. So you can use the tower for a longer time.

There is a leather back strap so he won't fall out or hits his head to wood if he climbs in.


Plywood 1200x1250x15 mm

Leather 80x800mm

24 screws 4x30mm

Paint or varnish



Autodesk Fusion360

Sandpaper 120 grit

Step 1: 3D Design

The design is made in Fusion 360.

All the pieces are different components so the assembly is easier to do, and the manufacturing is faster.

Step 2: CAM Settings

Within Fusion 360 you can ga from design to manufacturing. Super easy, because if you change the design it automatic changes in your manufacturing setup.

I made a setup for drilling the holes (4mm drill bit)

A 2D pocket for the slide slots

and 2D contour for the outlines of the Learning Tower.

I've used a 6mm flat end mill with 1 flute. for the pockets and the contour.

Drew tabs so it would stay one piece. You can easily remove those with a chisel.

After simulating the setup I saved the gcode for the milling machine I am going to use.

Step 3: CNC Milling

After setting up the machine with the right drill bit and securing the wood to the offer plate.

I loaded the gcode in Mach3

And homed the machine.

Starting the machine is in my opinion the most exciting part of making something.

After drilling the holes I switched the drill for the flat end mill and loaded the gcode for the slots.

And last but not least the contour. After using the chisel to remove the tabs.

I sanded the wooden parts to get rid of the splinters and the sharp edges.

Step 4: Assembling the Learning Tower

Took the parts home and assembled the learning tower.

My little boy was so excited to help me cooking.

I painted the tower black, to match our kitchen and used some dark brown leather to make the strap on the back so he can't fall out.

Step 5: Finished Result

I painted the tower black and added a leather back strap so he wont fall out. Or hit his head when climbin in.

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