Introduction: Leather Card Wallet

A wallet. An essential accesory for any man or woman to be able to carry your money and cards and its even better when its simple and slim so it fits everywhere. I made this one after an existing one i had but decided i want to have a cognac one as well as a blue


Pattern or in this case an old wallet that you use as a pattern/model
Thread and needle
Diamond chisel
Leather gauge
Leather glue
Clothes pins or some kind of clips
Leather stamp(optional)

Step 1: Picking the Pattern and Cutting the Leather

So after you made your decision on how you want your wallet to look anf got the pattern time to cut the leather inti pieces to make your wallet. For this i reccoment the awl and ruler as a start or the gauge ti make a guide line before cutting and use the ruler to keep it straight

Step 2: Pre Assembly and Glueing

So now you preassemble your wallet to see how it's gonna look when finished and if you are satisfied. Any bradnings you want to put with the leather stamp you do them before gluing and on the piece by itself so that you dont damage the rest of the wallet. The stamping is sinple you the the leather stamp and align it o the leather and press down firnly as you hit it with a mallet i used a 1kg mallet and hit 10 times hard and made the stamp nice and deep. If you have a press use a press. The picture is a scrap piece i used to see a few stamps and see which i liked best my advice do it like that and to practice and once you have a nice deep stamp then stamo it onto the most outer card slot. Apply glue to the flesh side amd for the middle slots dobt worry to much since the glue is here just to keep it together while stitching and after you glue it take some fabric or leather scraps (i used lamb) and put it under the clothes pins before pressing the clothes pins on the wallet and leave it for a couple hours to get dry enough so that you can stitch

Step 3: Stitching

Now after the glue has dried off its tune to take the gauge and gauhe the leather to create seems where you will stitch it (be aware when doing thui with the wallet you will need elbow grease. After you make the holes with the diamond chisel its time to get your needle and thread out and stitch that bad boy up

Step 4: Enjoy Your New Wallet

And here we are you just made yourself a nice leather wallet you can use daily pr make as a gift for somebody
Hope you liked it

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