Introduction: Leather Case for Battery Base + Ideas

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Leather case for the battery base of a GS Ego II 2014 Vape Pen. Or for anything that you see fit! especially anything cylindrical, round, or circular.

Step 1: Your First Step:

Hello and welcome! Basically I will do my best to explain how I made this leather case for my GS Ego II. Also, I would like to offer any additional information that I can. Enjoy :)

So let's get started,
for supplies you will need:
*Your blank. What you will be wrapping the leather around. For me this was the battery base
*Desired type of leather.
*Leather shears
*Leather punch
*Binding agent - Fishing line
*May need a ruler for additional measurements

Step 2: Some Side Notes: (Skip This Section to Continue With the Original Design)

This section is to hopefully help you decide on what you would like to do! keep an open mind with any project to make the creation truly yours!

Here is some information about the leather and the vape pen. Just let it be known that I am not advertising for the vape pen in any way! Actually I encourage you to highly consider buying anything of the sort.

But anyway, there are plenty of things to consider when making the case. Especially the leather! when choosing the type of leather keep in mind the thickness, when it comes to wrapping the thinner the better. but not too thin if you're looking for durability. Basically thick = lasting longer. Now for the color, which is the best part, that is totally up to you!

This instrutable doesn't include many lessons on how to actually work with the leather (as a matter of fact, may even be doing it incorrectly?) to saving you and myself a lot of time. I did not cure, sand, clean or do anything as far as helping save the leather from ware and tear. If you are interested in perserving the leather there are plenty of Instructables in this fine community to help you with that.

And as far as the vape is concerned, they are popular and I jumped on the bandwagon so to speak. Mine however is just kinda boring to look at and I wanted it to look better! Plus, the leather adds much needed grip.

Step 3: The Layout:

First you will want to acquire your measurements from your base. I just did it by eye - laying the piece on the leather, wrapping it around, and cutting it. Although not very precise, I have been doing things like this by eye for years so it turned out pretty good! If you want precision use a standard ruler to make your measurements and go from there.

After you cut up the leather you will be left with a rectangle or square. The leather sometimes can streatch while cutting if it is thin enough, if this happens just make minor cuts around the edges to make the wrap even and with straight lines.

Step 4: The Binding:

I used Fishing Line to bind my leather together, but there are many options here. To make it easy and not look too bad the line worked well enough. You can use many things such as more leather, string, wire, paracord, glue. Anything that will hold that tension!

After you have decided on your binding agent, the holes still need to be punched out. Using your leather punch make the holes down each side, not needed for the glue if you decide on that :) I used the smallest size on the punch since I used fishing line. Use the hole size that works well with your binds.

Now you pretty much have the case! see if it fits. If it does and you're not interested in customizing it any further, go ahead and bind that badboy up!

Step 5: Add-ons and a Pic of My Dog

Here are some ideas to make the case unique!
*make a metal inlay
*use a punch to add any shapes or designs
*dye the leather
*super impose more leather on top of the original leather

Enjoy :) please ask questions and leave comments!