Leather Crane



Introduction: Leather Crane

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You can have this acrylic pattern from



The finished size is:

Small: (H)7.5cm x (W)14.5cm

Large:(H)10.5cm x (W)20cm



Leather: 2.0mm (5oz) leather, size 30.5cm x 30.5cm. Φ3mm round leather strip.

Hardware: No.

Tools: If you are a new leather player, try to considerate to have tool kit here: http://www.leathercraftpattern.com/leather-tools-leathercraft-tools/leather-tool-kit/leathercraft-tools-leather-craft-patterns-leather-art-leather-carving-tool

Step 1: Cut All Leather Pieces by Using the Acrylic Pattern. Please Look at the Picture to Know How to Joint Crane's Head and Body Together.

Step 2: Draw Sewing Line by Using Edge Creaser.

you can find it here:


Step 3: Punch Chisel Holes by Using Chisel.

you can find it here:


Step 4: Dye

Step 5: Glue Body Together.

Step 6: Sew Along the Stitching Lines to Form the Body, But Don't Sew the Bottom Stitching Line

Step 7: Punch an Oval Hole in the Middle of Belly Leather by Using Oval Punch

you can have it here:


Step 8: Get the Leather Strip Through.

Step 9: Put the Belly on Body and Try to Adjust the Shape.

Step 10: Glue and Sew 2 Pieces of Wings On, Here Please Notice, at First You Sew 2 Pieces of Wing Leather But When It Needs the Belly's Stitching Hole, Sew With Belly Together.

Step 11: Finally Sew Belly, Wings and Body's Bottom Stitching Line Together to Finish This Work.

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