Introduction: Leather Earring Tutorial

Why should leather only be used for jackets, shoes and purses? Medium weight or upholstery leather is easy to craft since it doesn't fray or crinkle. These leather earrings are quick, versatile and easy to make. You can even recycle those old purses or jackets that have damage since you really only need small amounts of good leather. I used 4" square leather samples and had plenty left over to make more earrings.

Leather punch (I bought mine at Michaels Craft store for around $10 but you can also get the from home stores like Home Depot or Lowes)
Sharp scissors
2-Large Jump Rings
2-Earring wires
Jewelry pliers

Step 1: Print Pattern

Download the pattern below, print and cut out shapes.

Step 2: Cut Shapes

Cut 2-of each shape in the leather of your choice. I used 3 different types of leather, don't be afraid to mix it up.

Step 3: Punch Hole

Pile one set of the three shapes on top of each other and carefully punch a whole on one of the ends. I punched the hole about a quarter of an inch away from the end using the smallest punch size available. Repeat this step with second group of leather.

Step 4:

Using the pliers, put the jump ring through the a set of the leather "leaves" and attach the jump ring to the earring wire. Repeat this step with second group of leather.

Step 5: Done!

And you are done!