Introduction: Leather Flip Wallet

Leather as a material always fascinated me because of the sophistication attached to it. I watched a lot of tutorials on leather work but always found it difficult to understand. So, when I get the chance, I made sure to use the opportunity to learn the skill and share my findings. Also I wanted to use as basic tools as I could to make a product. Since, I am still a beginner I thought of making something simple and easy.


Materials Required:

1) Leather


3) Leather glue

4) Beeswax

5) Paper

6) Pencil

7) Coins

8) Coconut oil

9) Cotton fabric

Tools Required:

1) Needles

2) Nail

3) Leather hole punch set

4) Hammer

5) Precision

6) Cutter

7) scissors

8) Clamps (paper clamps)

9) Fork (optional)

10) Cutting mat

11) Sandpaper

12) Scale

13) Template ( See the Images attached )


Here are the References for the Templates.


STEP 1: Make the template on a piece of paper and cut it out.

STEP 2: Place the template on the leather and mark the boundaries

STEP 3: Cut out the Template from the leather using the precision knife and scale.

STEP 4: Glue the edges using leather glue.

STEP 5: Use the Paper clamps to hold the glued parts in position.

STEP 6: Place a coin on the flap’s edge and mark the curve.

STEP 7: Cut the corners to get a smooth edge.

STEP 8: Attach the second piece on the body of the wallet using glue and clamp it in place.

STEP 9: Use the hole punch tool to make holes at equal distances from the rim of the wallet.

STEP 10: Use saddles stitch to stitch the body of the wallet.

STEP 11: Use the cotton fabric to apply coconut oil all over the leather and gently rub it. STEP 12: Use beeswax to polish the edges.


Problems encountered: Since I am a beginner, I couldn't understand the type of leather to use. For this build, I'll prefer to use Thinner Leather. Also the leather I used was falling off at certain places.