Introduction: Leather Jacket With Hood

I've always seen people wearing a leather jacket along with a hoodie under, so I though to myself what if it wasn't cold enough to wear 2 jackets but you still wanted that cool look. So I wanted to design a leather jacket with the hood of a hoodie is attached to it. Here is my concept that I made using the template provided and SketchBook Pro.

Step 1: From Hoodie to Zipped Hoodie

I started out with the template provided and decided to erase the strings along with the lower part of the face opening, so that I could change it from hoodie to a zip-up. I also added a collar to attach the hood to making it look unique. I did everything with Y Symmetry toggled on so that the jacket is symmetrical. I drew the details steadily with the felt pen.

Step 2: Making Leather

For me, adding colors was the best part. I had to experiment with lots of colors to get the most natural looking leather. To make thing easier I decided to use the Copic Library so that I could keep track of the colors I'd use. The first step before everything was to set the Background layer to Mutiply, which allows you to color beneath the lines of the template as long as you place all new layers under the Background layer. After I found the colors I wanted to use, I picked one of the synthetic paint brushes to give the jacket a natural look. All was done with Y Symmetry toggled on, to keep symmetry.

Step 3: Coloring the Hood

I went ahead and made the color of the hood on another layer so that I would not mess up the Leather layer on accident. Here I colored the hood the same as I did the body except with a different color (gray). After I colored it, I removed anything that went out of the lines carefully with the eraser.

Step 4: Stretchy Parts!

I made yet another layer for what I call the stretchy parts. This time I combined both the color of the hood and the jacket to make these parts complement the jacket as a whole. I also used a different brush which gave me what I wanted to see.

Step 5: Inner Color

This is something that I came across accidentally.After making a new layer (I was kind of bored :P) I colored everything black using the standard PaintBrush and noticed that it actually darkened the color which gave it a really nice look. So then I polished it coloring only the body (the Leather).

Step 6: The Leather Jacket With a Hood!

Congratulations you finished creating the Leather Jacket with a hood! (Applause). So this is something that in my opinion would look really cool on just about anyone.

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