Introduction: Leather Key Holder Necklace

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Need a stylish way to keep your keys close at hand? This easy-to-make leather key sheath can be worn as a necklace or be used as a key holder and identifier.

Step 1: Gather Materials

+ Lobster claw style clasp or small snap hook

+ Scraps of thick leather

recommended thickness ~3mm

~ 18" square inches

+ 40" of cord (the length is up to you, 40" will give you plenty to work with if you wish to make a necklace)

+ Marking tool (Tailor's chalk, pen or pencil)

+ Cutting tool

+ Access to a walking foot machine or powerful sewing machine with teflon foot

+ Matching thread (preferably nylon)

Step 2: Cut Leather

- To get the exact size and shape you want of the leather, put the key on the clip and lay it down on the wrong side of the leather.

- Mark the width at the top of the hardware. The top of the sheath needs an opening big enough for the cord to go through, yet small enough so the key and hardware don't slip through.

- Draw the shape of the sheath around the key, taking into account 1/8" seam allowance.

- Cut the shape out, use the cut piece as a template for the other side.

Step 3: Sew

- Mark the top opening on the right side of the leather with a utensil that you can remove later.

- Using this as the starting point, back stitch and sew 1/8" around one side of the shape. Repeat on the other side.

Step 4: Assemble

- Take the length of cord and cut it to the desired length. I wanted mine to be long enough to wear as a necklace and to use the key to unlock a door while still around my neck. The length of the cord I went for was 40".

When choosing your length, add 2" for the knot.

- Run the ends of the cord through the top opening of the sheath.

- String the clip on to the cord, take the two ends and tie a knot.

Now pull the cord so the key(s) tuck nicely inside the leather sheath and wear!

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