Introduction: Leather Laced Solar Cooker

This Leather Laced Solar Cooker is a simple but very effective solar cooker. I took pictures as I made it. First a quick listing of the steps:

1 Cut and foil 3 poster paper panels 14" square.

2 Tape the edges.

3 Use booklet making punch to punch 2 sides of each panel resulting in "L" shape of the holes. Regular hole punch can be used.

4 Cut 3 pieces of leather lacing 20" each.

5 Line up 2 of the panels with foil sides together and "L" holes lined up.

6 Lace leather through holes on one side of the 2 panels.

7 Lay the laced panels out flat and add the third panel by lacing the other side of the center panel to the third panel.

8 Pull up both end panels and lace together where they meet.

Step 1: Make 3 Foiled Panels

1 Use 2 sheets of poster paper to cut out 3 square panels 14" X 14" or 35.56cm X 35.56cm

2 Glue foil to 1 side of each panel

3 Tape edges of each panel

Step 2: Punch Holes in 2 Adjoining Sides

1 Use a booklet making punch to punch holes in adjoining sides of each panel

2 First put the panel in with foil side up to punch holes then flip it over and line up with the punched hole in the corner to punch second side.

3 A single hole punch can be used as an alternative. Mark 2" or intervals between holes so they match up.

Step 3: Leather Lacing Directions

1 Lay 2 panels together matching holes on the edges

2 Lace leather through every 4th hole on one side of the panels

3 Open out panels and lay the third panel matching the holes on the other side

4 Lace leather through every 4th hole on the other side

5 Using middle panel as the base then pull up both end panels and match holes

6 Lace leather through matching holes to make a corner shaped solar cooker.

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