Introduction: Leather-Lighter Mod

This instructable is about an easy lighter mod.
I make them from time to time because they look an feel better than a standard lighter.
Also they are nice cheap presents.

This is my first instructable and english is not my native language, so don't be too harsh and tell me if i made mistakes.

Step 1: Tools and Material

-a pice of thin leather
-some kind of cord
-a lighter
-some kind of glue


Step 2: Mod Your Lighter

Cut out a rectangular piece of leather that is a bit longer than to go one time arround your lighter.

Glue it to your lighter and make 3 or 4 holes in the bit that overlaps at the back of the lighter.
The holes should be slightly wider than the cord.
The glue is optional but makes it easier.

Take the cord in half and run it through the holes from both sides and make an squareknot after the last hole.
I add always a loop at the end to tie it to my belt.

The side on shich you put the cord and loop is only a question of preference and not function.