Introduction: Leather Makeup Bag for Biker

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My first instruction! Hello!
It's a little leatherworking HowTo, and... sorry for my English, thank you!

Enjoy AKworkshop video on Youtube

Step 1: Leather and Tools

We need:

1. Soft leather (0 - 2 mm, i use 1.5mm sheep leather with chemical cover) about 300x300 mm

2. Leather for ribs (i use 2 mm belt leather) 6 pieces about 15x80 mm

3. Spikes, rivets.. all as u wish

4. Zipper, about 300 mm

5. Waxed cord (i use 1mm polyester)

6. Tools for leatherworking:

  • knife
  • needles
  • glue
  • mallet
  • punches
  • awl

7. And lining material 300x300, i use viscose

8. Flame in heart =)

Step 2: Ribs and Rivets

This step depends on pattern that you choose for spikes and rivets

  1. Glue the ribs
  2. Mark points for holes
  3. Punch holes
  4. Setup rivets

Step 3: Lining and Zipper

  1. Glue lining
  2. Glue two parts of zipper
  3. Punch holes for saddle stitch (u can use sewing machine)
  4. Stitch
  5. Cut all excess parts of lining and zipper

Step 4: Sides

Well done, lets finish:

  1. Fasten the zipper
  2. Turn inside out
  3. Glue and stitch sides, don't forget about cover edges with lining

For best explanation of folding you can check my or good'n'leather video on youtube

Step 5: The End

U did it! Thx for watching!

Truly yours, Antony K.

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