Introduction: Leather Mason Jar Mug Coozie!

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Leather Mason Jar Mug Coozie!

Turn a pint sized jar into a rustic looking mug with a simple leather jacket!
Great gift for fathers and other guys! Great life hack for handleless jars!

Perfect for a Summer barbecue on the patio!

This doesn't take much leather-working skills or NEED specialized tools.

In my experience, specialized tools make a job easier...but are not always necessary.

Step 1: Supplies


Mason Jar (pint size)
carving leather

2 sets of rivets

cat gut thread and heavy needle

leather hole punch (or heavy needle)


Cutting mat, rotary cutter/hobby knife, ruler

Step 2: Measure and Cut!

To start I measured my pint jar.
It's 10 1/4" around and 3 inches tall for a good coozie.

I used my rotary cutter, my guide and mat...
an x-acto or hobby knife/ruler would work too.

Cut one piece that measures 3 inches tall and 10 1/4 inches wide.

Cut a skinny strip that is 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch wide and 6 inches tall too!

Step 3: Punching

Then I used a leather hole punch and punched 6 holes down each 3 inch side.
If you don't have a punch, you can pierce the leather with a heavy needle.

Step 4: Mugging

To make the mug handle:

The skinny strip is going to rivet onto the wide leather.
First one with the leather wrong side out...

And then flipped over and riveted right side out at the bottom.

It makes a half heart shape.

Punch holes and press the riveting studs through the backside of the leather.

Press the skinny strip on top

And set the rivet cap on top.

Now, use a sturdy surface and hammer the cap on the stud.

Loop over the strip and press it onto the other stud.

Cap it and hammer it in place.

Perfect mug handle!
Now is a great time to tool and carve the leather if you want to.

I left it as a blank pattern...but want to add some pizazz to the next one!

Step 5: Stitching!

Now, when wrapping it around the jar, you'll notice it
doesn't quite make it all the way around.

No worries, leather is stretchy.

Take some cat gut and heavy needle and thread up the side holes.
And thread it tight so the leather edges touch.

Zig zag it back and forth through the holes and then tie it off inside the coozie.

It will hold it's mug shape perfectly!

Now slip it around the mason jar.
If it feels impossible to squeeze in...get the leather slightly wet and try again.

Mine went on tight but no problems.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Now enjoy drinking out of a mason jar...mug style!

The rivets look great and the handle is perfect!

Great for hot or cold drinks!
What would you carve into the leather???

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