Introduction: Leather Phone Neck Pouch


Hi, guys! I've made a simple pouch this time. The pattern was made for iPhone 7, so you need to change the pattern if you're making one for a cell phone of different size. Hope this instruction will help to make your own phone pouch!


  • Leather : Buttero (col.bordeaux) 4oz
  • Hole punch : 20mm / 2.5mm / 1mm diameter
  • Rivet (6mm in diameter) X8
  • Sandpaper 400 grit
  • Edge beveler size #1
  • Awl
  • Wood slicker
  • Tokonole (Burnishing Gum)
  • Mallet
  • Ruler
  • Punching plate
  • Snap button setter (Small metal plate)
  • Snap button 10mm

Step 1: Additional Video

There is a video as well and please check if you want to watch. Thank you!

Step 2: Design and Sketch

Measure your phone and draw the shape roughly.

Step 3: Download the Pattern

Please download and print out the pattern that I uploaded here. The pattern is 2 pages in total. (The PDF included a A4 and US letter size) IMPORTANT : Please set your printer 100% actual size option. Then, cut out the pattern with some margin.

Step 4: Prepare the Pattern

I made the pattern through the doodle, It's made for iPhone 7 size so if you need other size, please redraw the pattern or just print out bigger or smaller.

Step 5: Leather

Before cutting the leather, mark a dot on center of the circle with an awl first.

Step 6: Cut the Leather

After marking, cut the leather according to the pattern. You can see the marked dots in the picture.

Step 7: Smooth the Edges

With sandpaper (I recommend 400grit or 600grit), smooth the edges.

Step 8: Bevel the Edges

Bevel every edge with a beveler. I used size #1.

Step 9: Burnish the Edges

Apply finishing gum(Tokonole) and burnish the edges with a wood slicker.

Step 10: Punch Holes

According to the dots, punch them with 2.5mm hole punch. But for the card section we need to use 1mm hole punch. You can use 2.5mm punch here as well, but it's gonna look too big.

Step 11: Cut the Card Slot

Make a slit connecting the holes.

Step 12: Set the Snap Button

I used a 10mm snap button. Set them with the setter.

Step 13: Set the Rivets

We need 8 sets of rivet. I used the one 6mm in diameter and 7mm in height.

Step 14: Put Leather String

For the neck strap, I used 3mm diameter the leather cord. It's roughly 55cm long, but you can adjust the length to your liking. Tie them, and we're all done!

Step 15: Done!

Thank you for watching my short instruction, I hope you get your own nice and simple phone pouch. See you next time then, Bye guys!