Leather / Rubber Table Tennis Bat




Introduction: Leather / Rubber Table Tennis Bat

Table tennis bat made from wood off cuts and Rubber / leather.

I decided to make this as all of my table tennis bats were breaking beyond repair. This bat is much stronger.

What you need -


8 x 12 (20cm x 30cm) Plywood 6.5 mm (1/4 inch) thick

2 2 x 5 (5cm x 13cm ) Plywood / Natural wood 8 mm (5/16 inch) thick

7 x 7 (18 x 18 ) Piece of leather or soft pliable rubber


Paint / Wood dye (Optional)


Stencils (Included)

Bandsaw / Saw




Masking Tape

Step 1: - Cut Out Wood

I'm using natural wood for the handle as I'm only painting the main body. You do not have to. Try to use plywood for the main body to give it more strength so it will not crack.

Print stencils, cut and trace on to wood.

Cut shapes.

Cut down 20 degrees at the dotted line on the handle using a chisel or saw.

Sand around the edges especially around the handle

You can either do a round handle or a square handle. I have done a square handle here.

Tip: Cut the main body first and clamp the handle to it. then sand. This will make sure that the sides are equal.

Step 2: - Paint

Skip if you do not want to paint your paddle.

Use paint or wood dye. ( I'm using blue spray paint for the main body and any black paint for the handle )

Only paint areas that will be seen such as the sides and beside the top of the handle.

Paint the handle separately.

I'm also doing a simple line on my handle as a design. I'm doing this using masking tape on either side.

Step 3: - Leather / Rubber

Use leather or soft pliable rubber as this will give the ball more cushioning.

I'm using leather because I have lots of it but rubber would be as good if not better.

Cut out stencil and trace.

Make sure that there is a straight end.

Make sure to do two for each side.

Cut using a knife or scissors.

Glue leather to wood using wood glue ( I find this works the best ) make sure to put a piece of wood larger than the bat and clamp down very firmly so that it is level. Try not to put glue over the line that the leather will be going on. I put masking tape as a guide for the line.

Tip : Cut more leather than is needed and trim.

Step 4: - Finish

Glue the handle to the plywood with wood glue and you are done !

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    4 years ago

    Do you actually play table tennis?
    Nice craft-work anyway, but not suitable for real sport players...


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks ! I just play at home so this works fine. You are right though it would probably not work for real sport players.